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Blue Highlands Citizens Coalition (BHCC)

     The Blue Highlands Citizens Coalition was formed in May of 2003 in response to local resident concerns relating to the proposal by Superior Wind Energy Inc. to build a 200 MW wind power generation facility on top of Blue Mountain , running from just south of the Loree Forest to about the village of Singhampton.

(click here for detailed mission statement)

     We were originally concerned by an apparent initiative on the part of the Ontario Government (prior to the October 2003 election) to reduce, and perhaps largely eliminate, local municipal control over the planning and development issues relating to a wind power generation facility installation. We remain firmly committed to the principle that our local municipal councils (i.e. the Councils of The Town of the Blue Mountains and The Municipality of Grey Highlands), together with the Niagara Escarpment Commission (in the case of lands subject to the Niagara Escarpment Plan), should remain in full control over the planning and development issues which are presented by the installation of the proposed “Blue Highlands” wind power generation facility.

     We are also firmly committed to the principle that any decisions regarding wind power development in our community should only be made after a responsible and informed analysis of the relevant planning and development issues and the impacts on our local community. While we are supportive of the concept of wind-generated electricity, and while we believe that some degree of wind power development is appropriate within our community, we believe that a cautious approach is required, particularly at this time of significant change and evolution in the Ontario electricity industry.

     In our pursuit of these basic principles, we have engaged in the following activities:

•  Flyer distribution through Canada Post to the community (June, 2003).

•  Public information meeting (Beaver Valley Community Centre in Thornbury, June 22, 2003 ).

•  Submission to the Ministry of the Environment re: the Environmental Screening process ( August 2, 2003 ).

•  Public information meeting (Osprey Community Centre in Feversham, August 24, 2003 ).

•  Presentation at the Georgian Triangle Development Institute Annual Conference in Craigleith ( October 2, 2003 ).

•  Presentation at the Pollution Probe “Encouraging Markets for Green Power” Workshop in Toronto ( December 9, 2003 ).

•  Submission to the Niagara Escarpment Commission re: Wind Power Development Policy ( December 31, 2003 ).

•  Submission to the Ministry of Energy re: the Renewables RFP Process (May 5, 2004)

•  Launch of this Website (May 7, 2004)

A more comprehensive list of everything the Coalition has done is on our Timeline page.

We are firmly committed to the pursuit of our mission through responsible action and reliance on credible research activities. We welcome research assistance from all members of our community.

Our strongest commitment is to the protection of the best interests of our community and its residents in the context of wind power development decisions within our community. We encourage input from all of our fellow residents; your questions and comments can be directed to us through our “Contact Us” page on this website.

Copyright, The Blue Highlands Citizens Coalition, 2004.  All rights reserved.