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Family says turbine vibrations made them ill enough to move

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Map of the Blue Highlands wind plant proposals and the Melancthon Projects

"Wind is a renewable resource...our Niagara Escarpment landscape is not."

Welcome to Our Website!

     Our Niagara Escarpment community sits on top of Blue Mountain - near Collingwood, Ontario. We're blessed with some beautiful scenery, extensive forest cover, the headwaters of the Beaver and Pretty Rivers, provincially-significant wetlands, provincially-identified ANSI's (areas of natural and scientific interest) and deer-wintering areas.

     Our community is dealing with an important issue…What's the right scale and scope of wind power development within our community?

     We believe that our community can and should embrace the concept of wind-generated electricity. We're also committed to ensuring that we don't end up with a scale and scope of wind power development which is inconsistent with the values of our residents, the lovely character of our community, the sensitive Niagara Escarpment environment with which we interact and the features of our community which make it such a desirable place to live, work and play.

     The issue of what scale and scope of wind power development is best for our community raises many complex questions. We want to act responsibly in ensuring that the relevant issues are raised and resolved in a fashion which will assist with responsible wind power development while also ensuring that the best interests of our community and its residents – as well as our sensitive local environment – are respected.


Thank you for visiting - we hope that you'll find our website informative as you consider the issue of wind power development in our community. We welcome your input – you can reach us through our “Contact Us" page.

To the Reader: We believe that the right scale and scope of wind power development for a particular community is dependent on a number of factors. These factors will vary between different communities. As a result, we believe that the wind power development issue needs to be considered by a particular community on a community-specific basis. While we believe that the issues dealt with on this website are issues requiring close consideration in the context of wind power development within our community, those issues may or may not be relevant within another community. We ask that all visitors to this website keep in mind that the wind power development issue really does need to be considered on a community-specific basis…what's right for one community may or may not be right for another community.

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