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     We have compiled this page as a resource centre to help you with your own research. In addition to some of our own documents, there are links to studies, articles and commentaries regarding large-scale industrial wind power from around the world. The views and opinions may not always be exactly what we have presented here on our own site, but are definitely worth learning about to assist you in your own decision making process.

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BHCC Newsletter - The Sentinel:

The Sentinel - Volume 1 Issue 1 - August 2005

BHCC Press Releases:

BHCC Press Release, January 10, 2006, re: Bill 51

BHCC Press Release - December 13, 2005, re: Brascan submission to TBM

BHCC Press Release - May 7, 2004

BHCC Press Release re: August 2003 Blackout

BHCC Meetings, Presentations and Comments:

BHCC Community Information Mailing - February 24th, 2005

BHCC Position Paper on the Proposed Meteorological Testing Tower at Gibraltar - January 31, 2005

BHCC's Comments to the Ministry of Energy's Request for Qualifications for Renewable Energy

BHCC October 2, 2003 presentation at the Annual Conference of the Georgian Triangle Development Association

BHCC June 25, 2003 public information meeting in Thornbury

Note: you will need Powerpoint or Powerpoint Viewer (click here for Microsoft's free download of Viewer) - to view the June 25 and October 2 presentations:

Newspaper Articles (see how this issue is being played out in other parts of the world):

A note to the reader - Some of the following articles and commentaries do delve into the merits of wind power itself. If you've spent anytime reading our own material on this site you will know that the Blue Highlands Citizens Coalition is not against wind power, just the scale and location of the proposed Blue Highlands project. We in fact have members with their own small scale wind mills. We do feel it is important that you see how the debate has developed in other parts of the world, especially in areas already dealing with large scale wind power generating facilities. In many cases they have years of experience with them.

An Ill Wind Blowing - Daily Telegraph Article UK

Artists Urge People to Paint Landscape Before it Changes - This is North Scotland

Baltimore Sun Article on Wind Power

Baptists, Bootleggers and Wind Power - Tech Central Station

A Bitter Wind Blows into Cottage Country - The Globe and Mail

Clouds Gathering Over Wind Farm Plan - The Australian

Fanning an Ill Wind - The Scotsman

Green Claims for Wind Power Full of Hot Air - The Scotsman (These are letters to the editor)

Green Group's Blow to Massive Windfarm - Scottish Herald Article

House Price Chill in the Wind - EDP24

Huge Protests by Voters Force the Continent's Governments to Rethink So-Called Green Energy - Telegraph.co.uk

Ill Wind Blows in Turbine Debate - Baltimore Sun

Overblown wind - Financial Post

Plans to Harness the Wind Divide the Moors - International Herald Tribune

Report Doubts Future of Wind Power - The Guardian Unlimited UK

Residents Angered by Windfarm Comments (comment) - icHuddersfield

Solar, Wind Power Fail Exxon Mobil's Economics Test - The Globe and Mail

Stubbs: Wind farms have no business being in Flint Hills (comment) - The Topeka Capital Journal

The Menaced Landscape (comment) - The Guardian Unlimited UK

Wind Energy Part of a Sustainable Future - David Suzuki "Science Matters" Column

Wind Farms Chaos Leads to Demands for Rethink - The Scotsman

Wind Farm Leases Carry Risk: OFA - The Tillsonburg News

Wind Farms 'make people sick who live up to a mile away' - UK Telegraph

More Research Needed on Turbine Noise - "This is" Devon - This is a follow up article by the doctor who wrote the study cited in the above article.

Wind Farms Threaten the Red Kite - The Observer, UK News

Wind Farms Top Poll of Architectural Eyesores - Scientific Alliance

Wind Turbine Proposal Withdrawn - The Orangeville Banner

Information and Articles from Other Sources:

A Problem With Wind Power - AWEO.org

Article: Challenges and Costs of Integrating Growing Amounts of Wind Power Capacity into the Grid

"Blow Down" in the Cypress Hills: Wind Farm Proposal Sparks Clash of Values - Alberta Wilderness Association

Carling Township, Ontario, Council Resolution on The Erection of a Wind Monitoring Station on the East coast of Georgian Bay - "Council is adamantly opposed to the erection of a wind monitoring station on the shore of Georgian Bay". Click the link to read why.

The Case Against Wind Farms - An extensive study based on 8 years of research by the UK group "Country Guardian"

Darmstadt Manifesto on the Exploitation of Wind Energy in Germany (1998) - The original document was signed by more than 60 German academics in 1998 with many more added since.

The Good and the Bad Regarding Wind Energy - A press release from a U.S. Congressman who is also an engineer.

Important Factors when Planning a Wind Farm - A German firm that specializes in wind power plant installations specifically recommends installations be at least 2 kilometers from housing!

ISVR Consulting - Wind Farm Development - An article regarding wind turbine noise from a company that has been studying the issue since 1991

Lincoln Township (Wis.) Experience with Wind Power - AWEO.org - This is a must read!

Minnesota's Energy Future: Evaluating Windpower - Minnesotans For Sustainability.

Policy Comments on Point Petre Commercial Wind Turbine Generating Plant - Archives and Collections Society.

Relationships between Bats and Wind Turbines in Pennsylvania and West Virginia - A Summary of Findings from the Bats and Wind Energy Cooperative’s 2004 Field Season.

Remarks Of Senator Lamar Alexander (Tennessee)  - Windmill Legislation Introduction

Risk Analysis of Ice Throw from Wind Turbines - A Finnish Study

"Two Dozen Suggestions About Wind Power Leases for Farmers" from the OFA

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior - Interim Guidelines To Avoid and Minimize
Wildlife Impacts from Wind Turbines

When Blade Meets Bat - An Article from Scientific America

Wind Energy: A Lethal Crisis - Bat Conservation International, Inc.




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