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1. Will the Blue Highlands wind power generation facility lower hydro rates in the area?

     Many residents of our community are under the impression that the “Blue Highlands” wind power generating facility will result in lower hydro rates for local residents. This is incorrect.

     Power produced at the proposed “Blue Highlands” wind power generating facility will be like any other power produced in Ontario – whether from a hydro plant, a nuclear plant, a gas plant or a coal-fired plant. Once the power is produced, it simply becomes part of the supply available to meet the demand for power, whether by Ontario residents or by residents of the United States or neighbouring Provinces.

     The rate which you pay for power is the same rate that applies to other Ontario residents. This will not change due to the installation of the “Blue Highlands” wind power generating facility. The fact that a power-producing plant is located in your community does not have any impact on the price that you pay for your power. People living in close proximity to, for example, the Bruce nuclear generating station do not pay less for their power, and the people living in the midst of a wind power generating facility like the proposed “Blue Highlands” power project won't either.


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