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To protect the best interests of our community and its residents by ensuring that any wind power development in our community remains the subject of local municipal control and occurs only with the support of a strong majority of our community's directly-impacted residents after a responsible and informed local decision-making process.


•  The Municipal Councils of The Town of the Blue Mountains and the Municipality of Grey Highlands (together with, where applicable, the Niagara Escarpment Commission) should retain zoning and official plan control over any proposed commercial wind power development in either municipality. In particular, the unique features and established land use patterns of the area proposed for the “Blue Highlands” wind power generation facility mean that any such development should not be subject to merely a province-wide zoning standard.

•  Any decisions regarding wind power development in The Town of the Blue Mountains and/or the Municipality of Grey Highlands should only be made after full and informed involvement in the development process by local residents and concerned citizens.

•  While responsible wind power development should be supported (particularly through individual resident and community–based initiatives), large-scale development should only be permitted with the support of a strong majority of our community's directly-impacted residents.

•  Any local wind resource should be regarded as a local community resource, and significant efforts should be expended to permit a community-driven development of the resource so as to maximize local community benefits.

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