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Roadside Sign Campaign

"Stop the Wind Farm!" roadside signs are now available from the BHCC. Put them up on your property to let your neighbours and everyone that passes by know where you stand on this issue! They are also a key tool in getting the word out to our fellow residents who are unaware of what is being proposed for our community.


Signs are available in a vertical or horizontal configuration. They are free for the asking but a donation of $10 per sign (or whatever you can afford) is suggested to help offset the costs associated with them.



Requests for signs can be made directly to the BHCC at info@bhcc.ca or by calling our Roadside Sign Campaign Manager Christine Ottewell at 519-922-1358.

Please note: The Town of Blue Mountains has a sign bylaw which prohibits placement of our signs on anything in the road allowance. This includes mailboxes and hydro poles. The above picture is from a Grey Highlands property where there is no similar bylaw. In general, the road allowance will go to your fence line. Anything from the fence line back is allowed, including the fence posts themselves and any hydro poles on your own property. If you are unsure you can always ask the Town directly - www.thebluemountains.ca.